All classes will visit the santuary once a week to hear God’s word and learn how to apply it to their daily lives.  All leassons are made in the name of the “master teacher”.  The children will also learn Bible verses, sing Bible songs, do Bible Crafts, and read Bible stories in their classrooms daily.


The children will participate in circle time to learn the calenday, weather, story time, and have theme related discussions.  Learning centers include blocks, reading, dramatic play, science, art, computers, puzzles, games and theme related works.  Small groups will focus on teacher directed activities that focus on math skills, phonics, reading readiness and writing.  


Through physical movement the children will participate in music and movement activities.  They will have the opportuinity for outdoor playtime as often as the weather permits.  They will have daily opportunities to use manipulatives and writing tools to help develop small musces for fine motor skills.  


Children will learn how to interact with other children. They will learn to share toys, work cooperatively and resolve conflict.  In the classroom children will learn to follow directions, rules and routines, and participate in classroom activities.  They will be taught to practice independence as well as to maintain their classroom and school enviornment.  


First United Methodist Preschool is a place for healthy children. Sick children will NOT be allowed to stay. If your child exhibits symptoms of illness during the day, we will contact you immediately to pick him/her up


Lunch time and snack time is  held in the classroom. 

Morning: A nutritious morning snack is provided to all children. 

Aftercare: A snack and drink is provided after napping. 

Lunch: All children bring their own lunch in a lunch box.


First United Methodist Preschool welcomes parents to visit at anytime during the school day to observe their child. Prospective parents are welcome to observe at anytime during the school day to help aide in the decision of placing their child in the school.


Staff members are certified by the American Safety and Health Institute in Adult/Pediatric CPR and Pediatric First Aid.  All doors to campus remain secured througout the day.  Parents are welcome to stop by, however they will need to ring the buzzer to be let in.  We have a strict policy for signing kids in and out each day to ensure their safety.  


First United Methodist Preschool operates under the supervision of a Preschool School Board composed of the director and members of the church who have expertise in education, early childhood development, business, and finance. 


First United Methodist Preschool will follow the same calendar and procedures as the Tangipahoa Parish School System except the beginning and end dates.  Please refer to the school calendar for starting date. If a holiday falls on a day that your child attends you may not substitute for another day.  We also follow the Tangipahoa Parish School System for weather realated school closures.  


Student teacher ratio for Mother’s Day Out I is 1:5  Student teacher ratio for Mother’s Day Out II, Three year old preschool classes, and PreK classes is 1:6.

A Louisiana Department of Education, Type 1 Licensed Facility


2200 Rue Denise, Hammond LA 70403

Email: fump@bellsouth.net

Preschool: 985 542-6689