Laurent Project

Love Assisting Upstarts by Recycling Everyday Necessities for Transforming Lives

Next drop off date:

Every 3rd Saturday

Ongoing Project:

How You Can Help:

  • Donate Items
  • Volunteer Time
  • Event Fundraisers
  • Host a Drop Day
  • Refurbish Items
  • Vehicle Transports
  • Publicize L2
  • Monetary Donation

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 L A U R E N T Squared Mission Project on Facebook

The Name

Laurent Lafargue, a very unique person with a unique name, had a different way of signing his name with the initials 'LL' A key trait of his was to sign his name L^2 
(L Squared).

In honor of him we dedicate this project.  Without him and his exponential love for Christ, this project would not exist.

A photo collage from our last L2 dinner that took place May 12, 2015

In the News:


The Laurent Squared Project of FUMC Hammond has been approved as a nonprofit organization under the name Tangilena Long Term Recovery Group. With the nonprofit status, the LAURENT Project has been able to assist more families in Tangipahoa, Livingston, East and West Baton Rouge, and St. Helena Parish aiding those recovering from the 2016 floods.

L2 Project Annual Benefit Dinner!!

Our annual fundraiser is held at Cafe Nola in May! The fundraiser includes a nice dinner, silent auction, and a brief update regarding the LAURENT Project. Thank you to all who purchased tickets and attended helping us raises around $10,000!!!!
Donations from our annual fundraiser support the weekly, monthly, and annual expenses of the LAURENT Squared Project. Some of the expenses may include moving trucks to deliver large items such as beds, couches, and other furniture and climate controlled storage units for donated items that are waiting to be placed. 

The Purpose


The ambition for this project primarily is to have Love Assisting Upstarts by Recycling Everyday Necessities for Transforming Lives. 

This project aims to help individuals who have received government housing and are in need of other home items. Through this project we can provide support to families who have received government assistance and better the chances of them having to go through life homeless.  A primary problem with homelessness is the cycle that comes with being on and off the streets. The likelihood a person gets off the streets and stays off is extremely low.  By providing basic necessities, the people we are blessed to help increases the chances for a successful life.

Our Mission

This mission is also known as L2 (or L Squared) in honor of a dedicated church member, Laurent Lafargue. This mission was a vision in which he had. Our desire is to share his vision with others by spreading the exponential love of Christ as we provide basic housing items to families needing to get back on their feet. 

Why is it necessary?
When this project was started, research on the cycle of homelessness was done. One of the causeses of homelessness showed that families getting off the streets, with funding for housing, would often have to spend their first pay checks on housing items necessary for living: bedding, towels, dishes, etc. Often, this could put a family behind on bills or other expenses causing them to loose their housing. LAURENT Squared, when providing housing essentials, provides a sense of stability for people in new housing situations and therefore increases the likelihood of ending their homeless cycle. 

Donation Drop Off Day

SlideshowOur project is only possible with the help of members of the community that are willing to give.  All of the items we intend to give are donations that people have used previously or have been purchased with the project in mind. 

On the third Saturday of every month, FUMC Hammond will host a day to drop off the collected items. These items are inventoried and stored in a climate controlled unit.This allows us to have the eligibility to collect a variety of items and take care of them until they have a new home.


Who We Work With

In order to support our purpose to the fullest effect, we have chosen to work with a variety of agencies. Volunteers of America and the Department of Housing and Urban Development allows us to find families and individuals who have received government assistance and are in the need of housing items. Since we are partnering with other organizations, there are certain regulations we must follow when accepting items. We are happy for any donations however, we can only accept list approved items. There are many items we cannot accept so please check the list provided.

The History

Laurent first heard of this project when he visited the campus for the mission project called Renesting. The mission in Bossier City, Louisiana has been very successful since it started in 2009.  Laurent saw the need for this mission to start in south Louisiana and it has become our vision with him to provide gently used house items to people transitioning from homelessness.