Scrip Card

Dot Kuebler places orders every other Sunday evening. Cards are typically available in the office for pick up by Wednesday during office hours. We urge you to call to make sure they are in to save your time.

What is Scrip?

This great program provides you with direct ordering of gift cards to many stores & restaurants in different dollar amounts, that you normally would purchase at a store, through the comforts of your very own church. The extra bonus is that the church will receive a percentage of what you order because the cards are sold at a reduced rate.. 


You purchase a $50 gift card to Target. You get a $50 gift card to Target and a 3% return, the church receives $1.50 for the purchase of this gift card through their program.

Make Your Order

Debi, our office manager, has a list of different restaurants or store and the increments each place. Dot places the official order. If you would like a list emailed to you, click on 'Debi Petrolia' below or call the church office. If you are ready to make your order  or have any questions feel free to call by clicking on 'Dot Kuebler' below. 

We encourage you to visit the scrip website at You can find the list of
 745 vendors, the increments that are available, the percentage that the church can get from the different locations. On the website you can also search for particular stores you are interested in going to.