Sunday School

At FUMC Hammond, we have a variety of Sunday School classes for all ages. 

10:00am-11:00am (between the contemporary and traditional worship services)

Adult Sunday School

Water Walkers

This is a Sunday School Class that meets to deepen our faith in real life applications.  Curriculum is a book study selected by class members and led by varying volunteers.  We are comprised of young at heart adults; college aged to not yet over the hill.  We meet in the far corner of Ciruti Hall during the SS hour 10:00 (or as soon as everyone gets coffee) till 10:50 (for some to get to late church.)  Everyone is welcome to join us for just a day or a long stay.  The current book is Reading Scripture as Wesleans by Joel Green.  Copies are available.  Participants are invited to read ahead and prepare their hearts, however just being present is a gift.  Come enjoy the love and laughter of Christian fellowship and journey with God.  


Cheryl Donakey leads this Sunday School class so for any questions call her at (985) 803-6343

The People of the Bible

Our School Class meets every Sunday morning in the Resource Room. We have an amazing informal class and we welcome any newcomers with open arms.  The teachers are Gary Howard and Margo Kennedy.  


For more information call Mary Thomas (985) 542-2858 or the church office.

Children's Sunday School

Lower Elementary 

This children's Sunday school class is taught by Ms. Dot Kuebler for children ages 3 through 1st grade.

Upper Elementary.

Mrs. Cynthia's Sunday school class is fro children from grades 2nd through 5th. 

Youth Sunday School

In our youth Sunday School class, we learn about Jesus in a relaxed and fun manner as we discuss biblical stories.The class is programmed for youth in grades 6th-12th aiming to take bible stories and relate them to our lives today as we grow to understand and know God. 


If you are interested in this class or would like any additional information contact Miranda Donakey at (985) 803-6344.